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Electro Hysteria - Conception 2012

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Electro Hysteria - Conception 2012 is a full blast, raw energy, electro-dance album, forged in Chicago. A must have for all electro-dance parties.

The album has been finalized in February 2012.
It has been released independently through and is available in all digital music stores around the world. Release date: December 22, 2011. 

ELECTRO-HYSTERIA - Conception 2012 - Album also available on

Electro Hysteria - Prototype 2012 - Electro Dance Electronica from Electro Hysteria on Vimeo.

Electro Hysteria

Electro Hysteria produces electro-dance tracks available for DJs around the world.
In a world that becomes digitized entirely, we are actually NOT opposing. Our music depends heavily on computer programs, synthesizers, digital sampling, audio plugins. 

Check out new sounds and new tracks every month. If you need to download any of our tracks, please let us know.

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